Huion L4S A4 LED light pad

SGD 65.00SGD 85.00

ULTRA SLIM. With the latest art LED technology, Huion L4S Portable Light Box is measuring only 5.1mm of thickness, which is considered to be the slimmest light box in the field. • PORTABLE. This is an up-graded version of the Huion L4S light box. Apart from the super slim profile, it weights only 0.61 KG, which makes it easier to carry around. • ADJUSTABLE BRIGHTNESS. Super bright LED lamps provides a perfectly even illuminated surface. You may adjust the light but simply touching the on/off switch • USB CONNECTED. Comes with an USB cable, which means you can not only plug it into the wall charger, but also your computer. • Diagonally Length: 17.7 Inches; Working Surface: 12 by 8 Inches

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