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Bosto 22HDX

This tablet has an H-IPS screen with fullHD resolution. The pen of 22HDX does not need to be charged and on its top there is a digital eraser. The pen also has a side button for quick access to function.

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Bosto 13HD V3

The new ultralight and ultra-thin portable Bosto BST‑13HD pen display tablet features a neat 2-in-1 cable with the latest reversible USB Type-C and HDMI Type-C connections to your computer without needing another external power supply. Now it's faster, more stable, more accurate and more efficient.

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Huion A3 LED light pad

Huion Light Box uses the most advanced acrylic panels with great light transmission, high strength and wear resistance. Compared to conventional glass-based panels, the transmittance of acrylic panels has increased by about 20%, but the weight of acrylic panels is only about half of glass-based panels.

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